Your Personal LinkedIn Assistant

Handling your daily advanced LinkedIn tasks.

Personalized messaging and engagement based on profiles and content.

No risks. No commitments.

Our growth and relationship building strategy

How it works

Building a network of business connections has always been a vital part of running a business.


We curate a list of ideal clients in Sales Navigator

We will evaluate every profile based on your specifications so this list will only have your ideal clients.


We create connections with your ideal clients

Based on the list we created we will start connecting and engaging with your ideal clients.


We post content and start conversational messaging

After growing your network we will start publishing your content which will be seen by your ideal clients.

Our lead bucket strategy

How it works

We can perform vetting on any lead source and insert the lead into your crm or marketing automation pipeline.


We extract the leads

We can extract data manually or if the data source allows this our programmer can write a data scraper.


We will vet and transform the lead data

We can manually evaluate the quality of the lead data and if needed enrich with extra information.


We insert the lead into your crm

We can load the leads into any crm. We can do this manually for any crm or code a connector if the crm allows this.


Our Most Requested Tasks

Send connection requests to people who view your profile

We screen who views your profile and if they fit into your target group, we send them a connection request.

Target group feed engagement

We browse through the feed and look for people from your target group. Then like/share or comment on their content. Engagement is king.

Get inspired for content

Is your content important to you? It should be. We browse the web and look for content topics which you can write about.

Create targeted list

We create a list with potential prospects based on your target group and your perfect client’s criteria.

Clean up connections

We screen your connections and remove everyone irrelevant to your business and/or outside of your target group.

Sort out connection requests

We screen your pending connection requests’ profile and we verify if they would be a valuable connection for you based on your target group and specific criteria.

Personalized connection/thank you messages

We say “no” to copy-paste. We offer personalized connection/thank you messages, based on your prospect’s profile and their LinkedIn activity.

Insert data into crm

We know LinkedIn can be very messy. We organize your contacts and messages into a CRM of your choice.


Intelligent Risk-free LinkedIn Automation.

Imagine not having to worry anymore that your account can get restricted.

At LeadTurk we take LinkedIn’s rules very seriously. We understand that this is a social network made for humans and not for robots, and every attempt for non-human activity on it can and will be restricted.

Safe and Reliable team.

We work with a in-house team of assistants so your account will always be handled by a trusted and reliable assistant, and won't be out-sourced to a remote and unkown person.

Imagine having a whole team working for you.

Have you ever depended on somebody to complete a task for you but they got sick, gave up or just disappeared? Our team is big and qualified enough to have you covered 100% and will perform every LinkedIn task manually and effectively.

Targeting gender and age

Did you ever want to target on gender of age on linkedin we can help you with that. This is not a perfect solution but, since the quality of most linkedIn profiles is high you can get fairly accurate results with these extra filter options.

Custom lead list

If you want laser precision targeting you can let us create your target list. We will have a short call to get all the requirements after that we will create a sample list. When this list is approved we will create the whole list and run your campaign against it.


The power of a virtual assistant but, as easy as a automation tool. Control your team of virtual assistants with a click of a button. On and off any time.


This is super fast get an account create a campaign and click start.


Monthly Metrics Reports with campaign statistics. We can also provide custom statistics according to your needs.

*example: how many women or men accepted a connection request with a specific message.

Prospect list

You can provide a prospect list as input for connecting and messaging.

Review and safety advice

We review all campaigns and give advice based on our experience. We are always keeping up to date with the most recent LinkedIn information and we make sure that you benefit from this. So if there is a change in the LinkedIn algorithm you can be sure that we are on top of it or even take appropriate action before there will be a problem.

Custom tasks

Do you have repetitive task like copying your contacts into your crm? We can convert your custom task into an microtask that we can process with our credit system.

Example copying a contact from linkedIn to your crm could take 2 minutes that would translate to 2 credits.

Advanced instructions

Do you have very specific prospect requirements?

*for example:
  • The prospect should have more then 5 experiences.
  • The prospect works more than 20 year with the same company.
  • Send a message to somebody that liked my articles.
  • Connect with persons who commented on my article.
No commitments

Stop at any time with the service with the click of a button.


Everything can be viewed and reviewed on LinkedIn. To review profile views, we provide a browser history log.

100% risk free

If you are unhappy with our service for any reason, you get your money back. No hard feelings.


How It Works

The benefits of the automatic tools. Done by real humans. No risks involved.


Open your account

Open your LeadTurk account within minutes and start automating your LinkedIn outreach done by real assistants.


Create a campaign

Select your target audience. Choose the number of tasks and the period you want to run them for.


Start your campaign

Start your new campaign with the click of a button. Pause and resume it any time. No commitments.

Some of the companies we created connections with